Our Partners

Easter Seals Southwest Florida has been part of our community for 70 years. We offer the highest quality of care and services to children, youth and adults with special needs so that they can enjoy access, opportunities and increased life choices. Easter Seals Southwest Florida is committed to remaining a leader in special needs services – an organization to which individuals and their families can turn to for resources and support with a continuum of care throughout their lives.
A strengths based therapist that will shed light onto your strengths and guide and support you to rediscover the light within. Specializing in healing individual therapy that can help to bring confidence and enjoyment back into your life, and restorative couples therapy to support you in bridging distance and rebuilding connection.
At Psychological Associates of Central Florida, we provide comprehensive mental health treatment to children, adolescents, families, and adults. Our team takes a comprehensive – biological, psychological, and social – approach to identifying and treating mental health issues. We are proud of our relationship with healthcare providers and schools in our community and are happy to collaborate to provide our patients with the most complete care available
Mikka takes a holistic approach with her clients, which takes into account all aspects of your life. Your schedule, relationships, work life, stress levels, environment, and genetic predispositions are unique to YOU and influence the nutrition your body personally needs.
The Child Protection Center has been serving Sarasota & DeSoto Counties since 1980, and our organization remains committed to the prevention, intervention & treatment of child abuse. To report child abuse or neglect contact the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-962-2873
The Livant is an organization dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders in its pursuit of improving the health of children, adults, and families.