Business Partners

  • Psychological Associates of Central Florida

    At Psychological Associates of Central Florida, we provide comprehensive mental health treatment to children, adolescents, families, and adults. Our team takes a comprehensive – biological, psychological, and social – approach to identifying and treating mental health issues. We are proud of our relationship with healthcare providers and schools in our community and are happy to collaborate to provide our patients with the most complete care available.
  • Lighthouse Therapy Online

    A strengths based therapist that will shed light onto your strengths and guide and support you to rediscover the light within. Specializing in healing individual therapy that can help to bring confidence and enjoyment back into your life, and restorative couples therapy to support you in bridging distance and rebuilding connection.
  • Bright Body Nutrition

    Mikka takes a holistic approach with her clients, which takes into account all aspects of your life. Your schedule, relationships, work life, stress levels, environment, and genetic predispositions are unique to YOU and influence the nutrition your body personally needs.
  • Windsor Education Law

    Special education attorney advocate, Jane Windsor investigates parent’s right to protect their students’ legal right to the education they are entitled to in order to help them achieve their maximum potential. Windsor Law helps parents navigate the complex process of getting the appropriate testing, both within and outside of the school system. They also investigate parents’ complaints and mediate disputes with school districts.
  • Hypnotherapy by Niva

    Hypnotherapy by Niva is a simply natural, yet slightly altered state of consciousness, and it is the perfect state of consciousness to be in to make the biggest and most profound life transformations. Each session will be personally customized to most benefit you and your individual needs. Industry leading tools such as hypnotic programming, childhood regressions, parts work, breath work, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and past life regressions are integrated on an individual and session to session basis.

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Charity 501c Partners

It is our mission to help as many children as possible utilizing neurofeedback training.

Therefore, payment arrangements can be made for families in need, based on the ability to pay.

  • Child Protection Center

    The Child Protection Center has been serving Sarasota & DeSoto Counties since 1980, and our organization remains committed to the prevention, intervention & treatment of child abuse.
  • Resilient Retreat

    Resilient Retreat is a new and innovative approach to help those impacted by trauma and abuse. Free evidence-based services will be provided to heal the mind, body, and spirit on 84 acres of conservation land in Sarasota, FL. Led by a dedicated group of survivors and first responders, an Advisory Council called VOICES provides Resilient Retreat direction and guidance to ensure that the center and programming are created by the community for the community.
  • The Florida Center for Early Childhood

    For 40 years, The Florida Center for Early Childhood has been a leading provider of therapeutic services, early education, and healthy development for children in southwest Florida. Its programs focus on infants and children through fifth grade who are at-risk academically, socially, or economically. The Florida Center provides developmental therapies, mental health counseling, and the Starfish Academy preschool in Sarasota and North Port.
  • The Haven

    Nestled on 32-acres in the heart of Sarasota, The Haven offers programs and services for adults and children with disabilities to enhance the quality of life by encouraging independence, championing inclusion, and advocating for their individual rights. Together, we can create a world where people with disabilities are included and celebrated for who they truly are — talented and incredible human beings.
  • Blue Butterfly Family Grief Center

    The Blue Butterfly Family Grief Center is a Tidewell Hospice program that helps grieving children and teens, ages 5-18, through peer-support groups and activities. The free sessions bring children together with others who are experiencing the loneliness, sadness, anger and guilt that accompany grief.
  • EasterSeals

    Easter Seals Southwest Florida has been part of our community for 70 years. We offer the highest quality of care and services to children, youth and adults with special needs so that they can enjoy access, opportunities and increased life choices. Easter Seals Southwest Florida is committed to remaining a leader in special needs services – an organization to which individuals and their families can turn to for resources and support with a continuum of care throughout their lives.

Partner Testimonials:

  • “The Child Protection Center has been utilizing the Brain Wave Center’s services over the past 6 months for its leadership staff. We have experienced remarkable results and fully endorse their work.”

    Doug Staley
    Executive Director
    Child Protection Center
  • “Realizing the positive effects that neurofeedback training has had on our pilot group and staff, we are now offering it to all our children and those within the community who suffer from financial hardship. We know we have an amazing opportunity to change lives in special ways.”

    Tom Waters
    EasterSeals SouthWest Florida
  • “Neurofeedback therapy has been a much-needed addition to The Haven’s programming. Our partnership with the Brain Wave Center has allowed our clients to experience a new form of therapy that focuses on the needs of the individual. The Haven is very grateful for the amazing services the Brain Wave Center continues to offer the disabilities community.”

    Brad Jones
    President & CEO
    The Haven
  • “We are so excited to be able to offer this to some of our grieving children. I know it will be a much-needed addition to their treatment.”

    Danielle Visone M.S.W, LCSW
    Family Grief Program Specialist
    TideWell Hospice
  • “Emily,” a client living with FASD, recently underwent neurofeedback treatments at The Brain Wave Center. Her teachers noticed immediate improvement and made numerous comments about her new ability to focus on tasks with less confusion. They also noticed a significant reduction in her anxiety. We are grateful to the Brain Wave Center for their continued partnership working with FASD children like Emily!”

    The Florida Center for Early Childhood

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